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In the 1960s Crisis started as an organsation to fight the growing problem of homelessness. In their 50th year they felt it was time to fully focus their brand on ending homelessness for good.

As part of a larger brand refresh undertaken by Neo a new photographic style was needed to better reflect the realities of homelessness. As art director my aim for the photography was that it should foster empathy rather than sympathy and present the homeless as equals. It felt crucial that the viewer should be emersed in the scene rather than feeling like they were an onlooker, looking down or in on a subject or situation. To achieve this the photographs were taken in a documentary style and always at eye-level. 

The shoot took place over three days in Central London and Brighton with photographer Ali Tollervey. My role as art director involved choosing the models, scouting locations, styling the shoot to create an authentic look and feel and ensuring the output stayed on brief. 


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