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Julie Shines is a German based retailer of natural cosmetics. It sources and retails the best that the sector has to offer in organic, vegan and non animal tested products, the majority of which have won a multitude of beauty awards.

As a newly founded company, Julie Shines came to Neo wanting a visual brand that reflected both the luxurious and ethical nature of their products. It was their aim to bridge the gap between luxury and ethical and communicate that the quality and effectiveness of it’s range was because of it’s naturalness not despite it.

My inspiration for the visual brand came from Julie Shine’s Founding Director, Ulrike Schäfer. Ulrike takes great personal involvement and pride in the sourcing of products, testing each and every product personally for quality and effectiveness before any are granted space on her shop floor. 

I wanted to explore ways of representing this authentic personal investment and by doing so came across a scientific technique called chromatography.

Chromotography is the process of using alcohol to separate the composite colours from ink. This felt like a beautiful and natural way of symbolizing the scrutiny that goes into sourcing and testing the products. It also had strong visuals links to Ph testing – something many of us did at school.

By undertaking a series of visual experiments using this technique I created a mark that felt both natural and contemporary and as if it combined two previously conflicting visual languages without being the weaker for it.

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